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RE: Design Checking - Here and Now and Future of Engineering

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I’ve worked on contract as a Cad drafter in several consultancies with QA systems, but most only really cover traditional document control procedures for contract administration, none have any thing that really deals with the issue of design. Not sure how they managed to get QA accreditation. If you have a system that covers design that is excellent, and the first I have heard off.


The greater success with the design engineers is likely because CAD technicians are not structural technicians. You need them to focus on structure or whatever and not the CAD system.




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Related to design checking, how many engineering departments have a documented internal QA program for design and CAD functions?  It would be interesting to hear any advice or recommendations from list members related to such programs--how are they setup, what works, what doesn't.


My company's program is modeled after ISO9001 and provides a system for continuous feedback and improvement in addition to providing consistency between engineers and CAD technicians.  The program provides detailed procedures for things such as project workflow, training, use of standard calculations, design assumptions, and the technical formatting of engineering DWG's.  The system is enforced through continuous review of each employee, whereby each employee receives a monthly performance report based on the QA objectives.  The objectives and review process push self-review and accountability to the lowest levels. Overall the program seems to be more successful with the output of the design engineers verses the output of the CAD technicians.




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