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Re: Steel Stack Design

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There was also a structural reference handbook which name I can't remember, but I will try to find it. It had a chapter on stack design written by one of the Gaylord brothers with a good example.

Daryl Richardson wrote:
Two good references are
1.  ASME STS-1-2000, Steel Stacks (There may be a newer addition).
2.  Tubular Steel Structures, James F. Lincoln Arch Welding Foundation.
H. Daryl Richardson

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    What are some good design guides for steel stack design?  I'm
    looking at designing a 3' diameter, 72' tall, freestanding,
    cantilevered stack.  I've heard SMACNA is a good place to start,
    but what is the beat-all, end-all word in stack design?

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