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Re: Driveway surcharge on retaining wall

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I just talked to the contractor a little bit ago, and this may now not be a problem as some footings they are able to dig the key, therefore, in some areas it must be pretty fractured from his description, therefore my original design can remain.  Your comment for anchors, brings me to a question I had last week.  Do any of you have actual values for a pin epoxied into rock such as sandstone.  I did a google search and didn't get much help as I god some sites for rock anchors for large bridge or dam projects.  I talked to a couple of epoxy anchor suppliers and didn't get a lot of guidence.  Seems as it is kind of a seat of the pants design.  I have actually done this before, but would like to get some actual values.  So if you have any information in that regards I would love to see it.  Around here (Sedona AZ) we have a lot of sandstone rock.

Thanks again,


On Mon Dec 18 14:13 , 'Jordan Truesdell, PE' sent:

Hey, if you hit rock, that's great! A couple of pins can do wonders for
shear. Is it good rock you can use for uplift under the stem with epoxy
anchors, or just "hard stuff the contractor doesn't want to dig
though"? If it's the former, and you can come up with some conservative
properties, you might just come out looking like a hero.


jrgrill(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Jordan,
> I had already designed it with a key, but the footing sets on solid
> rock which wasn't known to be at the elevation it is when things were
> designed. Of course, he doesn't want to chip out a keyway from the
> bedrock. I have received new design criteria from the geotech for the
> redesign, but I guess they get what they get.
> Thank you,
> Joe

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