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Re: Blast Resistant Design

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I last did blast resistant design in the mid eighties
when I was a productive and senior structural engineer
working for  a Govt Owned Consultancy and Contracting

May be things have improved now due to the spread of
computers and the internet but those days it was
difficult to access information on this subject.
Modern software was not available and DOS based
personal computers were just making an appearance in

Most of the available information on Blast resistant
design in India was classfied and controlled by
Defence Research institutes and laboratories.

However, with the help of some academecians with whom
we associated, and some friendly scientists in a local
research institute we were able to do the job.

I remember the book "Explosive shocks in Air" by
Kinney as a reference text on this subject for
assessing blast loads.

It contained too much info for our use at that time
and I remember being rather unnerved  by all the
formulas and math but after some patient digging, time
and effort I found exactly what I wanted which was a
simple formula to assess the peak pressure and
duration in milliseconds on a wall at a known distance
from the center of explosion of a cylinder  containing
a known volume of air compressed to a known value of

For theory of structures subjected to blast loads, the
following books were referred to by our generation

Structural Dynamics by Biggs

The computer savvy generation that took over from us
swore by Structural Dynamics by Mario Paz.

I hope this info is of some use to you.

I regret my inability to help you regarding software
I don't need this now at my age and I have outgrown
all serious design related work and am content with
old memories.


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