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Re: Steel Stack Design

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Nothing hard about it. Just be diligent. I designed a steel stack by hand calcs for Union Carbide in Welland, Ontario in the mid 70's which stood up until they tore the plant down about 8 years ago, after Bhopal.

Brian S Bossley wrote:

Thanks. Is this an area of structural design that basically requires a special software program? Or is it conceivable that I could design one by hand? Looking at the Lincoln Arc Welding book, it looks like it was pretty complex before (especially with breeches), but not to the point where you absolutely NEED a special computer program, but then I don’t have ASME’s publication yet.


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Two good references are

1. ASME STS-1-2000, Steel Stacks (There may be a newer addition).

2. Tubular Steel Structures, James F. Lincoln Arch Welding Foundation.


H. Daryl Richardson

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    What are some good design guides for steel stack design? I'm
    looking at designing a 3' diameter, 72' tall, freestanding,
    cantilevered stack. I've heard SMACNA is a good place to start,
    but what is the beat-all, end-all word in stack design?

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