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RE: Nelson Studs

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1. There is a small raised area on the center of the stud. There is a ceramic ferrule that is placed around the stud which contains the molten metal. Look at the following web site. The studs are welded full strength with a gun.
This site has some good videos
A filet weld can be used, but it takes a lot longer and would not be a good practice. The testing is to bend the stud over at about a 45 degree angle. The stud will bend and not break.

2. Weld the assembly of an embed plate and then have it galvanized otherwise the zinc will just burn off.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Nelson Studs
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I have a few queries on the H4L and S4L  Nelson studs.

1. No weld height and diameter is shown for the above studs in the
catalogues. How are these to be calculated.? What strengths do these
develop- full stud strength?
I presume that the welding is done by a gun- In this case can the weld
dimensions be varied ? Is it necessary to use a gun of a normal weld
process can  be used to deposit
a fillet weld?

2. If the studs are part of an Embed plate is it preferable to get the
whole assembly hot dip galvanized after welding of the studs? Or should
the studs be ordered zinc plated from the manufactures and then welded
onto a galvanized embed plate?


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