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Re: Nelson Studs

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                        1. The weld is supposed to be complete over the cross-sectional area of the shank, so it is a Complete Joint Penetration weld developing the strength of the stud. Read AWS D1.1 for testing of headed studs. You might think for something so automated and for so long, the results would be sufficiently uniform that such precautions would not be required. You can call for a fillet weld which will most likely be done by GMAW or maybe FCAW.

                        2. If the assembly must be hot-dipped, shoot the studs on first, then galvanize. The price for galvanizing, then cleaning the zinc off to shoot a stud on might well be twice as much. If the assembly is used indoors, or will have something else welded to it later, hot-dip galvanizing may not be worth the expense.

            Jim Getaz

            Winchester, Virginia