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RE: Min web thickness

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Final choice of weld size, is based on many factors. There are typically minimum size welds specified based on thickness of materials used, this concerns practicality of forming weld, and heat loss/gain at the joint and distortion of the parent material. In fabrication of a plate girder (web to flange) this can result in large intermittent welds to carry the load, and smaller seal welds between if required. The heat affected zone (HAZ) would be affected by the size of weld, and therefore the strength of material in the vicinity of the welded joint. Not having the code you are referring to I hazard a guess this is why the size of weld provided is used, rather than the potentially smaller weld calculated. (But can always check formula and opt for conservative choice.)


In cold-formed shed fabrication 3mm fillets are assumed either side of 3mm thick or thinner material. In practice I think it actually gets welded from one side, and it is questionable as to whether it is a fillet weld or a square butt weld. In cold-formed however failure usually occurs in the HAZ not the weld metal.


So 3mm fillet welds either side of a 6mm thick plate sounds a lot more practical to form.





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Chap 9 pg 5 of the "AISC  Steel Construction Manua" l under" CONNECTING ELEMENT RUPTURE STRENGTH AT WELDS " gives a formula for the minimum thickness of webs.

Any idea why the formula is based on the actual size of weld provided and not on the calculated size required.

Is it practical to provide 3mm fillet welds on either side of a 6mm thick web in an end plate connection?


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