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RE: concrete topping on plywood floor sheathing

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I have never seen it done and doubt it can be. Diaphragms need to have a positive means of transferring the loads to the vertical lateral force resisting system. In this case there is no connection from the topping to those elements. In addition, there are no code provisions that allow such construction. the only place it is allowed is over precast floor system.


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Subject: concrete topping on plywood floor sheathing


I’m looking for design information for concrete topping over plywood floor sheathing, but haven’t found anything.  Typically, I haven’t needed to consider any shear capacity from the topping, but I have a project that I am not getting enough capacity from the plywood and thought I’d explore the shear capacity of the topping.  Can this be done?  Anybody know what computer program to use?  (Just kidding… I mean do you know of any references?)  And how do I get the shear load into / out of the concrete topping?  Thanks!




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