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RE: Tilt-up connections (UNCLASSIFIED)

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I'm not really a tilt-up guy, but this discussion begs the question:  
"What happens to the shear once it gets into the slab?"

It seems like you're all missing the final step in the load path.  I suppose
the argument here is that friction between the slab and the soil resists the
shear.  That seems to make some sense.  But, if you throw a vapor barrier
under the slab, do you really feel comfortable relying on slab/soil
friction?  You definitely won't have much passive pressure resistance from
the slab.  

It's been awhile since I looked at them, but the Tilt-up guys that I know
(at least the ones that I respect) detail out a closure strip with dowels
that coming in from the slab, the wall and the footing.  Maybe that has more
to do with working in a high seismic region than anything else.  Here in CA
we KNOW that we're going to see loads that are significantly higher than
design loads.  Therefore, we need to be more cautious about detailing out
the load path so that our structures will fail with some ductility.  


Josh Plummer, SE

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UBC 1916.5.1.3 says that the anchorage only needs to be to the slab if no
uplift is present.

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