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Re: Welded elbows in carbon steel pipes

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On Jan 4, 2007, at 10:11 PM, Daryl Richardson wrote:

If I'm out of line on the subject just tell me and I will have nothing more to say on the subject.
You're by no means out of line. There's an unfortunate impression going around that a PC and an AutoCAD license will turn any computer gamer into an engineer, and I think it's high time that people learn that engineering requires training, experience, initiative, discipline, organizational skills and a great deal of self-study.

The list gets way too many posts in the general vein of, 'I'm new to piping design, will someone please tell me the web page that tells all about…' When I see posts like this I can't help wondering who's actually in charge of the project--Why is there no senior designer near enough to ask what is a valve? Is the person unable to use the Internet to search out answers? what kind of an individual call himself a piping designer but doesn't understand the most fundamental mechanics of process piping? I also wonder how a client might react if I told him that the design detail that just blew came from a guy I talked to on the Internet one night.

I typically don't respond to that kind of question, not because I never had to ask newb-level questions, or because the english isn't absolutely perfect but because the question itself implies that the poster hasn't made the vaguest effort to help himself--so why should I bother?

I've probably hurt some feelings with the foregoing, but in my own defense, I think I've paid enough dues in the form of useful answers to intelligent questions so I can get peeved at the unintelligent ones.

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