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Re: Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

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6061 is the alloy number.......the suffix T4,  T6 is the temper designation

Most of the extruded aluminum sections are 6061-T6 or 6063-T6 (at least in SoCal)  the 6000 series alloys are weldable, hove decent strength & corrosion resistant.

At my local supplier "THE MOST COMMON aluminum for 2x2 square tubes."

would be square corners & 6061-T6 (or 6063-T6)

In my experience nearly all aluminum sections are extruded (even the ones that look like rolled steel sections)....aluminum extrusion is cheap & easy

Just to throw you a curve ball......

architectural aluminum is often 5000 series  like 5052....better corrosion resistance than 6000 series

more general flavor info

short answer   6061-T6 is probably fine unless you've got a corrosive environment

I assume the item will be anodized?


On 1/5/07, Gerard Madden, SE <gmse4603(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Couple of quick questions.

What is the alloy number in the 6061 series that is common used for 2" - 4" square and rectangular aluminum tubes? Is it 6061-T1 or -T5 ? Or some other one?

I went to Alcoa's website and they have good info, but they have Rectangular Tubes with Rounded Edges and and Rectangular Tubes with Square Edges. Both are extruded. not sure which one is more common.

Basically, what I'm after is THE MOST COMMON aluminum for 2x2 square tubes. So I'm not sure which alloy that is and which edge type. I take it that all aluminum shapes are extruded, not hot-rolled like steel.

This is for some small decorative attachment mountings for a building.