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Re: seaint Digest for 9 Jan 2007

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If you feel that you had underestimated the project, then you did. Do not do it again or raise the price.

Here are some ideas why the price might be higher or to help control loss of paid time.

Charge extra for all meetings, like an expert, your presence is worth more. use a 50% increase.

Complicated designs will have corrections. Add to your contract changes and revision procedures. An estimating fee, for each change order delivered to you, to be able to write the estimate to design. Responding to change orders has a pre-agreed hourly chargeable time. More money please.

I wonder if SE could charge for SE design error corrections, considering that errors increase when under time pressures and with vague communications by others.

Ask your E&O insurance what it takes to cover condo work. Even if you are not insured, the cost of being exposed to an almost guaranteed need for legal defense is a virtual cost that could bite you anytime for the next ten years. I once got a quote for SE coverage of twice more than what my billing would have been to design it. The contractor's general coverage may not cover what an SE would expect. More money please.

If you only do the wood design...

PT slab designs regularly mishandle point loads of seismic OTM, in areas of Strength and stiffness. PT slab strength flaws can be reduced as a wood designer problem by clearly communicating forces. The flexibility problem can severely affect wood designer's assumptions. Extra work should be considered for varying limits of a flexible base.

Being more than likely to get sued consider a more detailed wood analysis. Combine Rigid and flex diaphragm analysis (two). More load combination checks. Unintended stiffness in gypsum walls before finishes break can be higher than design capacities of a plywood shear wall and add OTM point loads to beams and PT slabs. Eschewed shear walls require much more mathematics than just two simple stiffness components of the wall.

Make more money by not doing it and then spend your time to manage your savings and exploring real estate investments.

David Merrick, SE

  1: Fee proposal for 100, 000 sq. ft. Wood frame condominium building over PT underground parking structure
From: "Casey K. Hemmatyar" <khemmatyar(--nospam--at)>
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Fee proposal for 100, 000 sq. ft. Wood frame condominium building over PT underground parking structure

Good morning:

I'm writing a proposal for a 3 story wood-frame condominium building over a
post tensioned conc. underground parking structure in Los Angeles.

... last year but I have a feeling that I had underestimated the project.

The architectural for wood-frame building, is *not* straightforward and
there are complications on the plans.

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar
Private email <k(--nospam--at)>

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