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Re: seaint Digest for 9 Jan 2007

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David Merrick wrote:

If you feel that you had underestimated the project, then you did. Do not do it again or raise the price.
Good advice.
I wonder if SE could charge for SE design error corrections, considering that errors increase when under time pressures and with vague communications by others.
If I bid fixed price, I correct design errors and coordination errors up to the last coord print from the client on my dime. T&M all errors are paid for by the client. If I'd spent (i.e.: had) more time to do the design work, the errors would have been fixed, but I would have charged the additional fee. Dollars now or dollars later.

Make more money by not doing it and then spend your time to manage your savings and exploring real estate investments.

Low bids and underbids are for people who don't have enough work to fill their days, and for people who plan to do less than is necessary. I lost a bid on a job I knew would require some special effort last year, and four months later got a call from the client to do the part that the winning bidder was (now) going to charge extra for. After I gave my fee, he said the other engineer told him he could do it for half that fee. I recommended he use the original engineer. The work was for a tenant upfit on a national chain - the space is still empty a year later with a "for lease" sign in the window.

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