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Re: bolts in bending

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Bending through threads is just asking for future troubles, due to the likelihood of fractures occurring at the root under dynamic loads.  The problem can be approached from a Sophomore mechanics level to find the real "answer", and you can put an appropriate safety factor on it. Mohr's circle  is never mentioned in the AISC spec, but it is still valid. Anyway, you'll likely find the capacity of bolts to be extremely low.

4".   You wouldn't happen to be trying to support a ledger across a brick interface, would you?  I've chased that cat and the answer is not pretty.  Even the most trivial of live loads will likely require 1" diameter pins and some seemingly ridiculous end connections.

Andrew Kester, PE wrote:
I have a connection in which the bolts will be subject to shear and bending because of a cantilever. I have looked in the AISC Manual and online, and the only thing that comes close to adressing this was from FAQ:
"The AISC specification does not have an equation for combining the effects of tension, shear, and bending on anchor rods."
That is for anchor rods, but not sure about bolts. Does AISC allow this or have an equation for checking them? I am doing my best to talk the client into another option but this is a tricky, as built situation we are dealing with. I am not talking about prying, it is a 4" cantilever.
Thanks in advance, please CC me directly also.
Andrew Kester, PE
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
Lake Mary, FL
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