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Re: bolts in bending

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The case I remember was a large residence, already fully veneered that the GC was planning on bolting through the brick to the 2x ledger. He wanted a through-the-brick detail, so we made the number work. And it would have been about $135/bracket for about 16-20 brackets. He decided to dig down, place some small piers on the existing footings, and put in some columns. Amazing how "absolutely no columns" falls by the way side when there's $3000 of the builder's money at stake.

IT has just been recently that the local inspectors have been failing the "veneer as a deck bearing element" around here. I thought one builder I talked to was going to have his head explode right there. I think I keep doing residential stuff because the characters are just so darned entertaining. ;-)


refugio rochin wrote:
hmm, i was coming across a similar detail. nice how issues come up when there is a specific problem. sounds like it will be better to embed a headed stud, and then weld on a small tube or angle (if you are in concrete that is).

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