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RE: OT: SE's in movies and TV

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I think Arlington Road is with Tim Robbins who plots some attack on some building in DC.  Never saw it.  IMDB doesn’t give much either.


David A. Topete, SE

Structural Engineer

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Well you could throw in the Brit Soldiers from The Bridge on the River Kwai then too I suppose if that's the criteria .... I'm not sure that because one was in charge of building something in the movie they are "a structural engineer". But from the IMDB descript, it sounds like he was at least a Civil Engineer.... if he was planning the path and everything. Haven't seen the movie, the reviews don't make me want to either :-)

In Towering Inferno, they say to McQueen "This is <insert name> who is a Structural Engineer and he says..."

Dave, Is Arlington Road the one where Mr. Sarandon's a psycho or is that the one where Jeff Bridges is in the IRA blowing up everything...


On 1/10/07, Bill Polhemus <bill(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Gerard Madden, SE wrote:

Is that the first occurrence of a Structural Engineer in film or TV?

THIS is the oldest film depiction of a structural engineer (bridge engineer AND constructor) that I recall ever seeing.

John Wayne, Structural Engineer. Not bad.

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