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history, not politics

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I am not a political person, I try to do my best, and continue to improve.  And I think many people are like that.

I will give some input, perhaps it will give some light, perhaps it will not.  But I have done a fair amount of soul-searching.  I have not been born into a family with a specific religion, nor a real specific country affiliation, nor race, and not even a united family (divorced parents), but that does not stop me from trying to find what is right.  Because of these things, I am not patriotic, I am not partisan, and I do not affiliate with any race or religious practice, I don't even watch sports on TV, and I don't believe in competition whatsoever.  As for my family, I have learned what is wrong, and I have learned from other cultures what is right.  I have gained from my families divorce as well.  I have four parents !  although it is not all so easy.

In this respect, let me say that I don't really think anyone is trying to rule the world.  And politics is sometimes more of a self-reflection towards what is happening in the world, and towards media images that people face on a daily basis, than it is a prompting to change the political affiliation as such.  This is my reflection on something that may appear political.  And alot of it does happen to appear political because people are born into affiliations, races, relgions, competitive mentalities, and good families.  And so people reflect through what is known to them.

So, I hope that when people view statements that appear political, mind that these are statements made in self-reflection, just the same as someone not mentioning politics or other situations.

I think it is good to share self-reflections.  The world is built on communication.  This is a top quality Structural Engineering Forum, perhaps the best in the world.  I would enjoy seeing others that are also very good.  But please do not leave the forum if you have differences, because it would be good to have more input of whatever sort.  Structural engineering preferred.

Kind Regards,
Refugio Manuel