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Commodity Loads to a Grain Storage Building

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I am looking for general information on commodity or dry bulk storage loads.  Specifically how to determine the load applied to columns in the storage area as grain is loaded or unloaded?
I have found some sources for loads on walls from grain but any information on sources or design standards would also be appreciated.
Back to columns in the grain.  It would seem to me that any column in the grain is only loaded laterally when the grain is loaded or unloaded (Is it velocity or rate of loading/unloading dependent??), since the grain surrounds the column and should balance the load from the opposite side.  Right or Wrong?? or not that simple??
Any text books or design standard sources would be appreciated.
I have googled commodity loads and grain and/or bulk loads and found some interesting stuff at ASABE but I'm always looking for more.
Thanks,  Jim Hannah,  EIT