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RE: residential surcharge to Ret. wall

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If I understand correctly you are designing the wall as a cantilever until the top slab is in place at which point it becomes a top-tied basement wall.  This is my typical design approach.

Providing there is adequate restraint at the top of the wall to truly be top-tied then the LL surcharge need only be applied to the top-tied condition.  The cantilever condition is only during construction prior to the residential LL application.  Of course there is some construction LL present which is dependent on the equipment used for consolidating the backfill.  This should probably be accounted for in the cantilever design.

Although its effect may be negligible I would not ignore the LL surcharge in the final configuration.

Adam Vakiener

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Subject: RE: residential surcharge to Ret. wall

<P>Good to hear from you!&nbsp; This is a residence on a sloping lot and th=
ere will be no daylight basement.&nbsp; At the downhill end, the "designer"=
, and contractor wish to fill to the floor elevation instead of framing the=
floor.&nbsp; Therefore, the walls in question are exterior foundation wall=
s. There will be (at the tallest condition) about 6.5' of exposed face of t=
he wall and about 7' of fill behind.&nbsp; The slab-on-grade which will be =
the living area floor is cast on the fill side of the wall.&nbsp; There are=
axial loads to the stem, but I have taken that in to account.&nbsp; My que=
stion is a LL surcharge due to the living area whih is at the fill side of =
the wall required for the wall/footing design.</P>
<P>Hope this is a little more clear.

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