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RE: Bearing Stiffeners

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Thanks Gary

I dug out my copy only to find it is out of date.

You are referencing S16 and I am referring to S6.

The commentary states that bearing stiffeners should be "ground to fit
against the flange through which they receive their reaction"....."or
attached to the flange by full-penetration groove welds".

The EOR has called for 8mm fillet welds each side of a 200mm wide x 20mm
thick stiffener and it just doesn't seem right.

Dave Lowen
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CSA S16.1-2004 does not have anything specific addressing bearing 
stiffeners connections in this regard, but clause 21.5 on compression 
members states that members finished to fit in contact "shall have 
sufficient fasteners or welds to hold all parts securely in place". The 
previous edition required you to design for 50% of the compression force 
being transmitted - I liked that better. Hope this helps.

Dave Lowen wrote:
> I have recently moved and many of my books are "missing", and I don't 
> wish to rely on my memory.
> Does Canadian standard CSA-S6 have any rules on welding bearing 
> stiffeners that are milled to bear at the bottom flange?

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