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RE: WT to HSS Out of Plane Moment Connection

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Title: WT to HSS Out of Plane Moment Connection



Not familiar with your abbreviations, but I guess HSS, is a hollow section. There have been a few research papers published in recent years concerning connections to hollow steel sections: IStructE Journal , and the Australian Institute of Steel Construction (AISC Now Australian Steel Institute ASI), the ASI has a specific publication on such connections. I would assume AISC(US) has similar publication.


From what I recollect of the recent research papers, yield-line theory was used to model the failure of the hollow section plate elements.




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Subject: WT to HSS Out of Plane Moment Connection


I am looking at a glass canopy which is cantilevered from a torsion beam. The glass canopy is supported on a series of parallel WT beams that frame into the long side of a rectangular HSS section which is supported at its ends. At the connection to the HSS, the WT has the same depth as the HSS, with the flange on top.  I have some intuitive concerns about local buckling of the HSS because the WT will be delivering the compression load over a narrow width into the bottom flange of the HSS, which is unstiffened. There is a little bit of design guidance for out of plane moment connections for HSS to HSS in the AISC Steel Specification, but I don’t see anything that really applies to the situation I am looking at. Anybody got a good reference you can point me to? Oh yeah, and to make things more interesting, the WT’s are skewed to the HSS.

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