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Re: WT to HSS Out of Plane Moment Connection

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You might try looking in Blodgett's book.  I seem to recall some sections
on welding a shear tab to the face of a HSS, which would be similar to
your situation.  I will admit, however, that I could be remembering


Adrian, MI

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, Jim Lutz wrote:

> I am looking at a glass canopy which is cantilevered from a torsion
> beam. The glass canopy is supported on a series of parallel WT beams
> that frame into the long side of a rectangular HSS section which is
> supported at its ends. At the connection to the HSS, the WT has the same
> depth as the HSS, with the flange on top.  I have some intuitive
> concerns about local buckling of the HSS because the WT will be
> delivering the compression load over a narrow width into the bottom
> flange of the HSS, which is unstiffened. There is a little bit of design
> guidance for out of plane moment connections for HSS to HSS in the AISC
> Steel Specification, but I don't see anything that really applies to the
> situation I am looking at. Anybody got a good reference you can point me
> to? Oh yeah, and to make things more interesting, the WT's are skewed to
> the HSS.
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