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HSS to Tee Out of Plane Moment Connection

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Title: HSS to Tee Out of Plane Moment Connection

Thanks to all who responded on this question.  I did originally propose a short bottom flange on the tee to get the force into the HSS bottom flange, but the architect wouldnt go for it. I am stuck with the HSS section because it is integrated with a glass curtain wall system which has already been designed by others. The HSS checks out ok for combined effects of torsion, bending and shear, including deflection. The WT we are fabricating the cantilever arms from is also a given, since nothing smaller works. I think we are going to weld a thick end plate on the WT to distribute the load at the connection, and are just going to have to live with the pain of the weld cost. The architect originally wanted to blind bolt the WT end plate into the side of the HSS.

For those who suggested Blodgetts book (I have an ancient copy, so maybe Im missing something), it shows shear tabs on the side of a tube section, sort of like a gusset plate on a tube truss, but my connection is transverse to the HSS, not longitudinal. Sounds like this type of connection might be a candidate for another couple of paragraphs in the steel spec.

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