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Responding to E-mail

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To: All

Re: Computer re-installation and E-mail responses


I spent the last three weeks building a new computer following three crashes that resulted in the loss of data from the End of August to the Middle of December 2006. In the process of reinstalling all of my software and e-mail addresses saved on my laptop, I found that many e-mails sent to me are ending up in Junk Mail. I think I have a handle on this now, but if you have sent me any mail and have not received a reply, please attempt to send it again or send a note to d_wish(--nospam--at) I will correct your address entry and search for posts that may have been trapped in my Junk Mail collection.


Those of you who were using the Structuralist.Net lists should be aware that I have shut down my web hosting service and am in the process of creating a new blog for the general public and for invited guests at: You are welcome to log on to this site as I have started to create a Blog to serve the general public as well as accepting posting for a blog intended for the professional community. In the next week or so I will be transferring the domain registrar to the new Office Live and will start to set up services for the professional community at this location. For now, I believe that all listservices are shutdown as well and I will explore the services available to reestablish communication on various topics at the new Office Live site using the same web address.


I am in the very early stages of working with these new services, but will also be supporting the Multi-Lat™ 2007 Beta Team on either the Office Live services or the Windows Live services (by invitation only). I will notify you when my new e-mail name Admin(--nospam--at) becomes available for those of you who want to participate on the invitation only sites. This includes those of you currently participating in the Light_Framing Lists.


My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause those of you who have posted e-mail for advice. I hope to have this resolved shortly.





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant