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Re: Trus Joist TJ-Shear Panels

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Makes profit for them rather than the other guys?  :<) 
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 I think truss joist was a late entry into this after Hardy and SImpson, not sure what their wall does better than the other two.


On 1/18/07, Scott Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Has anyone ever used Trus Joist's TJ-Shear Panels?  Anyone know where I
can find their COLA report (supposedly #R50-06)?  Did anyone raise the
issue of not meeting the aspect ratio of shearwalls in the code for
seismic purposes?  Or is the issues of the aspect ratio "negated" by the
fact that they have an ICC-ES report per AC 130 Acceptance Criteria?


Adrian, MI

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