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Off-Topic (Sources for downloading non-music MP3 files)

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My apologies for this off-topic query but I can't think of a better informed group to ask than the three lists that I am a member of.
I recently got myself an Ipod Shuffle after dilly-dallying over the purchase for a long time.
I paid Rs 4300/(about  US $96) - for a 1GB device and am simply delighted with it (240 songs/12 hours of listening). After I outgrow it, I will shop around for the high end stuff. Hopefully the prices will dip further.
My early morning walks are now greatly enriched.
I also go to bed with it and let it lull me to sleep.
While walking in the park, I now get, in addition to physical exercise, mental stimulation  which I could not get earlier with my headphone cum FM radio where ads and immature jockey talk cut into the pleasure of listening.
I could locate a few web sites from  where I could download music of my choice (Carnatic Classical Music) but I also want an alternative to music.
I am looking for sources from where I can  freely download MP3 files of the following kinds:
1)Great speeches from all over the world.
2)Jokes and humorous talks.
3)Radio plays, Radio talks, group discussions on topics of general interest and interviews with celebrities.
4)Discourses on philosophical and religious matters (Any religion, not just Hinduism)
5)Educational lectures on topics of general interest by eminent academicians (particularly History and International affairs)
6)Audio books (by that I mean a good book read out)
7)Any other Mp3 file that may be interesting to listen to and can be tried out.
It would be an unexpected windfall, if audio files on structural engineering, structural steel design and detailing are available as free downloads. But that may be excessive optimism.
I have budgeted an hour every day for this greatly enjoyable activity and even more on weekends and holidays.
Please mail me privately with your suggestions to avoid cluttering the list.
I am sure the families of list members also will have useful information to share.
My son tried to help me. He has a veritable treasure house of audio files on his computer and he invited me to browse and take my pick. But I found  most are serious lectures by egg-heads on subjects like Economics, philosophy, sociology, political science, all kinds of "isms" and also poetry, literature etc and they all go over my head. I had to sadly decline his offers to copy those files. He is a Rhodes scholar and I am happy to be a Bangalore Dummy.
I am not keen on all his high brow stuff.  It's not that I prefer ordinary gossip, local news, or commercially popular stuff that FM radio and local TV routinely dish out round the clock. I am sure there is something in between these extremes and I am in search of that.
I have tried Google (without much success) and will keep trying.
Please mail me privately (to avoid cluttering the list) with any information you may have.
I am looking for audio files in English and Hindi only, the two languages I am most comfortable with.
I hope my Indian friends on this list particularly in North India may help me locate non-music MP3 files in Hindi. (Ashish, are you reading this?)
Thanks in advance.

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