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WT as Vertical Bracing

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I am thinking of using WT as vertical bracings for structures in low seismic area. When I try to calculate the capacity of WT taking into consideration of eccentricity between the centroid of WT and that of Gusset plate, as having being done by Professor Sakla for eccentrically - loaded single angle struts, I find that the capacity is significantly lower than those given out in Table 4-7 for WT in Axial Compression (AISC 13th Edition).

What is your practice? Do you take the eccentricity into consideration?

I also checked the recommended WT size and capacity in the following article:

I find that the WT sizes recommended in the above article seems not enough if I take into consideration of eccentricity. As I have not yet double checked my calculation, maybe I am wrong.The authors are authorities, more possible they are correct.

By the way, there is hurricane in the area, design wind speed could be more than 250 km/hr. If WT a good selection as vertical bracings in open structure?

Any comments will be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Michael Zhang

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