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Most Trustworthy Professionals

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Fellow engineers,
        Today's Calgary Herald contains part of a published survey on the above subject carried out by Ipsos Reid and released by Sympatico/MSN.  The news article lists the number of Canadians who consider various professionals to be trustworthy as follows: Firefighters 93%; Nurses 87%; Pharmacists 86%; Airline Pilots 81%; Doctors 80%; . . . CEOs 21%; Trade unions 19%; Local politicians 12%; National politicians 7%; Car sales people 7%.
        Engineers are conspicuously absent from the list (as published)!!
        This is a strange omission considering the large number of people who demonstrate their trust through their actions if not their answers to surveys.  How many people will stop to inspect a bridge before they drive across?  How many will even check the inspection certificate in an elevator before they ride up?
        There are people who go out of their way to call themselves sanitary engineers or domestic engineers.  There are even major companies who fight tooth and nail in every court in the land to be able to call themselves systems engineers!!  This would suggest that we should be at the top of the list.
        Go figure.
H. Daryl Richardson