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Re: Most Trustworthy Professionals

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I tried to reply to that survey but the ranking box just would let me put them in the order I wanted after I tried to change a couple, i.e. move lawyer down and move insurance broker above realtor. Leave it to PEO to hire somebody on the cheap who puts out a computer unfriendly ranking system.
Gave up on it.

Paul Ransom wrote:
From: Daryl Richardson <h.d.richardson(--nospam--at)>

        Today's Calgary Herald contains part of a published survey on =
the above subject carried out by Ipsos Reid and released by =
Sympatico/MSN.  The news article lists the number of Canadians who =
consider various professionals to be trustworthy as follows: =
Firefighters 93%; Nurses 87%; Pharmacists 86%; Airline Pilots 81%; =
Doctors 80%; . . . CEOs 21%; Trade unions 19%; Local politicians 12%; =
National politicians 7%; Car sales people 7%.

Architect and Engineer associations in Ontario are having their
differences with the Ontario gov't over some current legislation. We are
in a special class of 'self-regulating professionals' which is now up to
37 'professions'. PEO (Engineers) has commissioned a survey of which one
question asks me to rank professions, in order from the most trustworthy
to least trustworthy. How do I not put Engineer at the top and lawyer on
the bottom and still give Real Estate Agent (!) the proper place.

I think that the actual list of 'self-regulating professionals' was the
real eye-popper.


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