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RE: Web Tapered Members and the 2005 AISC specification

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Paul - 

Thanks.  That's a pretty good summary of what the tapered texts are.
Although, your e-mail has basically confirmed my fears.  Without an AISC
specification, it seems that everyone is pretty much free to make up their
own design criteria for these tapered members.  But, that is what it is... 

Does anyone (Charlie Carter maybe?) know if AISC has an explanation as to
why this section has been removed?  My guess is that they got a lot of
complaints that it specifically excluded many of the tapered members that
people were actually using.

For what it's worth the 2005 specification isn't that much different from
the 3rd edition LRFD.  They've re-arranged a bunch of things that didn't
need to be re-arranged.  They haven't even made an attempt at updating the
commentary.  But, it's not all that bad.  It'll just take some getting used


Josh Plummer, SE
Lake Forest, CA

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Subject: Re: Web Tapered Members and the 2005 AISC specification

> From: "Josh Plummer" <joshp(--nospam--at)>

> Is it my imagination or has the 2005 specification completely removed all
> reference to web tapered members?  

I haven't gotten a copy, yet. Have the major editing changes been
published, yet (i.e. are we beyond version x.0)?

> If so, are there any other true specifications out there that address the
> design of these members.  To my understanding, the Metal Building
> Manufacturer Association has been pointing people towards some general
> "guidelines" that someone published in a text book in the early 80's.
> that's not really a proper specification.  

MBMA published "The Design of Single Story Rigid Frames" by Lee, Ketter
& Hsu. It is out of print. You don't want to look at this for a one-shot
situation but a must-have for software development.

There is a section in the SSRC Guide that looks like a summary of the
above book.

There are a couple researchers from Europe (Italy?) who always have
presentations, at SSRC's annual conference, on tapered member rigid
frame structures. These are available in the published conference

I'm guessing that you have talked to Dr. Lee Shoemaker (MBMA). There are
a couple US researchers who have done significant work on behalf of the
metal building industry. It is likely that most of this will not be
publicly available and may not even be accessible to MBMA.

> Does anyone know if there are plans by any respected structural
> (ASCE maybe?) in the USA to write a specification that will cover tapered
> members? 

None that I have encountered. Anything that you do, now, will be based
on significant consolidation of various published works and design
assumptions. Pity, since straight is a sub-set of tapered <- keep this
in mind.


R. Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ado26(--nospam--at)> <>

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