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Re: Shake Table Study Tests Wood-Framed Structure

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I was going to comment about how very neatly the house appeared to have been framed. The sheathing also looks like is was laid vertically, and with a single sheet per floor (i.e. - longer than 8' sheets). That's backwards from most low-moderate seismic areas, and into the "specialty product" realm (my builders chaff when 4x8 OSB climbs above $7 a sheet).  That may not be true in areas with higher lateral loads.

My favorite part was:

"Doug Taylor, CEO of Taylor Devices Inc., North Tonowanda, N.Y., which manufactured the dampers used in the test, envisions a burgeoning market for wood-frame seismic damping. “Contractors may be able to install prefabricated damper wall modules,” he says. “It very well may be the future of wood-frame construction” in seismic zones." (emphasis mine)

I read that as "We will be making large donations of both time and money to ensure that future building codes include the requirement for damping in residential structures".  Considering how much flak I get when I specify pre-engineered shearwall products, I don't think these are going to be on any builders wish list.

Jim Getaz wrote:

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That was my idea. We also tested:



                        I hope I did not offend you. I just read a lot here about how it is hard to get builders to put holddowns of the proper size and with the proper anchorage. Something as fancy as a damper when bolts and plate washers are a subject of discussion made me think I’d hear even more about it.

            Jim Getaz

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