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RE: screws in wood diaphgragm

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Our helpdesk has compiled a list of ICC Reports for screws.  I don’t think I have much more to offer.





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Subject: Re: screws in wood diaphgragm


Andrew and Robert,

Thank you for the replies.  I also didn't find anything in the NDS, that is why I posted the question.  I did find some ICC reports for diaphragms with screws.  the information is at the office if you should be interested.  I think one of the screw mfgs was "grabber" which is available around here (AZ) I'm pretty sure.

Thanks again,

Joe Grill

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Subject: Re: screws in wood diaphgragm


check with think they have some info on screws w/ plywood.

I assume they're planning on using real screws not drywall screws? 

If the GC squawks maybe ring shanks w/ adhesive could be a compromise, screws are pretty slow

btw  Buddy is with AF&PA/American Wood Council  (at least last time I checked)


On 1/28/07, Andrew Kester, PE <akester(--nospam--at)> wrote:


I did not find anything in the 2005 NDS about screws in wood diaphragms but they do have values for gypsum attached with screws. I think it would be ok if the screw diameter, head, and strength could be matched up with a nail size in the diaphgram tables, you could use that value. The resulting diaphgram would likely be stiffer with less deflection because you don't have as much nail slip, and your uplift resistance would go up. I would think you will make a GC pretty upset though, that is a lot slower than a nail gun.


Maybe Buddy at APA or their website would answer this more definitively..




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