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re: trusses

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Heavy timber trusses (either solid wood or glulam or other engineered
lumber) can be done either way...the EOR can do it or the manufacturer can
hire an engineer to do the design of the trusses.


Adrian, MI

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007, Andrew Kester, PE wrote:

> Mark,
> For both wood and light-gage trusses, they are always pre-engineered and signed and sealed by the truss mfr's engineer. This includes wood floor joists. I am noticing that even when we specify TJI or some other engineered wood product, the contractor may have the floor re-engineered by the floor truss/joist supplier, and sometimes this causes some coordination issues when nobody tells the EOR this happened.
> But for what you are talking about, I have never heard of the EOR designing anything but the connections, as the truss engineering is part of the price of the truss package. We specify on our drawings that all truss-to-truss connections be specified by the truss engineer, as well as any required bracing whether temporary or permanent.
> They have specialty software and it would probably be very difficult for any "regular" engineer to sit down and design a bunch of trusses. Usually the layout and design of the trusses are done by a truss "designer", then supposedly reviewed and sealed by an engineer. Now if you have heavy timber trusses or some other very unique specialty item, that is different. But I think even that can be pre-engineered, I think Scott in Michigan for example does that type of work.
> Andrew Kester, PE
> ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
> Lake Mary, FL

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