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RE: Embedded Pole (UNCLASSIFIED)

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The 2006 IBC also says you can tamp in clean sand in 8" lifts in the annular
space.  This is not saying that you can put 3 feet of sand all the way around
your column and say the column width is 6 feet diameter.  

I thought I had seen some design guide for fences that said you could pack
gravel around the column to increase the effective diameter.

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In the '97 UBC you may use either concrete OR clean sand in the annular space
around the post. 1806.8.3.

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	It is not uncommon for a directly embedded pole (sign column, traffic
signal pole, utility pole, etc.) to have a concrete "collar" cast around it.
This is typically done by setting the pole in the drilled hole and then
backfilling with concrete.  The result is an increased width of the structure
which increases the resistance to overturning.  Pretty standard stuff.
	But how about if tamped gravel is used rather that concrete?  It
stands to reason that the gravel should provide greater capacity than just
the pole alone, but certainly less that the concrete collar.  Does anyone
know of a reference addressing this?

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