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Re: High shear diaphragm value

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Horizontal (820 with 19/32 & 10's @ 3) or vertical diaphragm?

In any case check out pubs, they have very good info on diaphragms, real test results as well as design examples

If you're trying to get that much out of a site built shear'll probably have to go double sided (you only get 870 with 15/32 & 10d's @ 2 ...single sided)


use a pre-fab shear like

Their website is very comprehensive but a little daunting

Ref Table 2 looks like it will give you the info you're asking for 950 plf but how many feet? 2'? 3'? 4'? ie total load required

It possible to embed one or two of  these in stud wall & give you what you need.


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for wood
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For what?  Steel or wood?  If wood, look at: .



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I'm looking for high shear diphragm value




Thanks in advance

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