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RE: Mass. PE

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Last time I looked, MA still required examples of calculations and potentially a verbal review/interview (see item 14 under section 3.04 at this webpage: to get your license there.  I would assume that they still do so, but that it would "above and beyond" acceptance of the NCEES records program.  I do know that not all states accept the NCEES records program and that there are some states that will only accept "part" of the NCEES records program.  In addition, there are certainly some states that will require stuff "above and beyond" the NCEES records program (as an example, I am pretty sure that CA will accept the NCEES records program, but then you will still need to take the "extra" seismic and surveying exams that they require plus the take home ethics/law exam that they require).
Adrian, MI
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Subject: RE: Mass. PE

There is a PE and SE designation in MA.


It’s been a while since I got my license there but I do not think they require the Structural II exam for the SE.


I think they do ask for example calculations and similar representative structural experience stuff, although if they now accept the NCEES record the process may have been streamed lined.


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Subject: Mass. PE


If you have your license in another state, and register with NCEES, the Mass. Board of PE website says they accept the NCEES Certificate for licensure in Mass. I was wondering (and have tried contacting them) if I took the NCEES Structural 1 exam, if this is acceptable? I would think all I need to do is obtain the NCEES Certificate and I will be good to go. Hoping somebody has done this in Mass recently.



Andrew Kester, PE
ADK Structural Engineering, PLLC
Lake Mary, FL