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aluminum weld

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We have reviewed the 2005 Alum Design Manual and we cannot find a 
MINIMUM base material thickness for welding vs the weld size. Such as 
with AISC you cannot exceed the base material -1/16" up to 1/4", for 
example (from memory).

We have a fabricator telling us he always uses 1/4" weld on 1/8" tube 
to a 3/8" base plate. He claims anything thicker and he has to preheat 
it and it is more difficult to heat up and keep at the right 

Besides an opinion, which is fine, does anyone have the section in the 
manual or any other source addressing this?

It is not a one time deal where we can just be bullies and say do it 
our way. Our client supplies these handrail assemblies to schools all 
around the state and "they have been doing it this way forever."  So I 
need positive ammo..

Andrew Kester, PE
ADK Structural Engineering
Lake Mary, FL

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