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New Structuralist Lists

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A month or so ago I wrote that I would be shutting down the Structuralist.Net Website and the listservices that I had set up. For the most part, this affected two lists that had some activity on a regular basis.

I have created a new site using Windows Live Space as noted below and have transferred my domain name over to a Hotmail Account. I intend to create a new list for IES and for the Light_Framing List as an e-mail group rather than a formal Listservice.

If you wish to remain a member of either the IES or the Light Framing Discussions forum, please send me your e-mail address and the list that you wish to belong. Don’t forget to include your name.

If you would like to isolate your e-mail to an independent web based e-mail service, the Structuralist.Net can provide up to 95 e-mail accounts. These are actually MSN or Hotmail e-mail accounts using the domain name of You are welcome to contact me if you wish to have a separate unique and private e-mail account. There is no charge for this as long as you are participating in one of our discussion groups.

Finally, I have posted Blog Discussions and Recommendations to link products and services for both the general public interested in Residential Construction and Professionals who wish to discuss more technical discussions of code. I am inviting you to visit the site below and to send me your comments and suggestions. If you wish to write an article for the Blog that readers can comment on or discuss, please submit it to me and I will review it for posting.

In the mean time, please send your e-mail address and authorization to place you on either the IES Discussion Group or the Light_Framing Discussion Group. The light framing group focuses on wood construction and metal plated wood roof truss systems as well as alternative construction such as SIPS. I hope those of you who were originally involved will continue to participate and I am more than willing to start other groups for those who with to have a topic specific discussion forum.


Thank you,


Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant

C-41250 (Exp. 3/31/07)