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RE: Unblaanced snow on 12 in 12 roof (UNCLASSIFIED)

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My reading on the code change was that before W was meant on the same side as
the unbalanced load and now W is on the unbalanced load.

The old way when W was less than 20' the unbalanced load was based on your
sloped roof snow load no problem - now it based on I*Pg.  This is an extreme
change for where you have a 12:12 pitch and a metal roof even if a cold roof.

Try it for Yakutat Alaska where the ground snow load is 150 psf for a 26'
wide building with a 12:12 pitch metal roof. I come up with the old code an
unbalanced load of 78 psf or something and with the new code 150 psf. Your
2x12 rafters @ 24" oc designed under the old code doesn't work anymore with
the new code. Your ridge beam does not work anymore either.

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I didn't think there was that much difference between 7-02 and 7-05. We did a
comparison of 7-05 to 7-98 and didn't even see the magnitude of differences
that you note below. Here's a link to our paper: 

Take a look at that and see if it helps. If not, give me a few more specifics
about your particular situation (e.g. span, ground snow load, etc.) and I'll
see if I can help.


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Subject: Unblaanced snow on 12 in 12 roof 

I was just looking at an existing roof the the owner would like to add some
new load to.  The slope is 12 in 12, in an uninsulated attic space, 25psf
ground snow load. By my reading in ASCE 7-05, the entire roof effectively has
to be designed for Ixpg=25psf, whereas in the past
(ASCE7-02) the load would be 1.5ps = 1.5*(0.7*I...*pg)*Cs or
1.5*(0.7*1*...*25)*0.6 = 15.75 psf. 

Is there some errata I've missed? This is nearly a 60% load increase from the
previous code. I realize that it only affects steeper roofs (8 in 12 to 32 in
12), but it seems like there's a gap in the code application. 

By the way - does anyone actually check to see if ridge board roofs work for
unbalanced snow loads, or do we all just close our eyes and hope that a
couple .131 toenails and friction keep the roof from collapsing? 
Experience dictates the latter - both on paper and in the field. 



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