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Re: Unblaanced snow on 12 in 12 roof (UNCLASSIFIED)

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But Jordan, Scott is simply suggesting the "Simplified Version" be applied to the code writers!
Bill Cain 
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I think we may need a tiered system like seismic and wind, where there is a simplified version for lower load areas and/or simple structures. It's good to have ready access to the exact formulas for use in practice - sometimes you just need an exact answer. But for smaller, straight forward projects they just add a large burden to the engineering fee.  
And I don't agree with you on waterboarding. While I'm certain that it probably would be defined a torture by many, I feel - personally - that with the tremendous knowledge and creativity of the practicing engineers in this country we can certainly devise far more painful, traumatic, and emotionally scarring experiences for code writers. :-) 
Haan, Scott M POA wrote: 
> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED > Caveats: NONE 

> I always check unbalanced snow for rafters, roof deck, headers and ridge 
> beam. I've found in Alaska it almost always controls. I think I've seen a lot 
> of people wrongly assume the balanced snow will produce bigger affects. > 
> The new ASCE 7 formulas make it a pain in the but for over 20'=W where I used 
> to be able to do it quickly with a calculator. > 
> Whoever wrote the new unbalanced snow formulas should be waterboarded at 
> Gitmo. 
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