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Re: Chain or Wire Rope

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Does anybody have any or know where to get any good design resources for wire rope or chain?  Or do most people just look at proprietary product literature, and use the capacities they list?   Any good links?
There was short discussion on the list a week or so ago about the Wire Rope Handbook, which is an excellent resource. If you'll do a Google search on 'Rigging Handbook' you'll come up with a partial pdf of _The Handbook of Rigging_ at Google Books. This is a very good piece of work. And don't forget a solid review of the OSHA regs for lifting equipment and scaffolding. the Navy has it's wire rope handbook at <> (search on "wire rope")

I should add that sound rigging is pretty much an art. If you're not seriously good and experienced at it, you'll find yourself an object of scorn if you start issuing orders to an experienced rigger on the basis of 'me engineer--you worker.' These guys can make your average contractor seem like a simpering brown-nose. That shouldn't stop you from butting in if you see something that clearly isn't safe, but it's never a good idea to micromanage these guys. OTOH the vast majority of lift accidents are caused by faulty or poorly maintained rigging and presumably by careless riggers, apparently hell-bent on suicide. So wear a hardhat and keep your eyes open and your wits about you. (The foregoing sermon was prompted by a fair amount of experience investigating lift equipment failures.)

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