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Re: Non US Steel Shapes

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raincat1(--nospam--at) wrote:
Fellow Engineers,
Are Non-US Steel Shapes accepted in the US? How should one go in having them accepted? By Non-US Steel Shapes I mean shapes manufactured in accordance with JIS (Japanese) standards, BS (British)standards, QB (Chinese) Standards, etc.
Thanks for any info!
It would seem that the structural steel (W beams) would have to be equivalent to ASTM A992, so you would have to ask for test results and chemical analyzes. As for shapes, there shouldn't be any problem, you would design the beams based on the AISC Specifications. Others in my office are involved with a project up here in Alaska that will be constructed using Korean steel. Most of the shapes were compact but a few had noncompact flanges. The one drawback was that at the last minute, we were informed that the stell had a yield stress of 46 ksi instead of the promised 50 ksi.

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