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Re: HP 430 plotter

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I called HP techsupport, and here is what they told me for 40 bucks (fixed fee, and you can call every minute for 5 days, sic!).
New computers usually come without parallel ports (USB only, like mine).  Designjet 430 has only parallel port connection.  I tried to use parallel-to-USB cable, and even installed a parallel port card, all to get the same negative result. According to HP, all this does not really work, with the only real solution being the motherboard-based (manufacturer-installed) parallel port.
Naturally, I asked them what should I throw away - my new computer or my old plotter.  They said that I can try changing the setting of the plotter to process the file in the computer "if the plotter runs out of memory." 
Amazingly enough, this worked... That is, so far it does.
V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA
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Subject: RE: HP 430 plotter

Sounds like memory issues?  Try the option for using the computer?s memory instead of the printer?s.  That?s my guess, though you said the computer is new, and not your plotter?  let me know what the solution is because I have the same plotter at home.  Thanks.




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Subject: HP 430 plotter


Good afternoon.

I just purchased a new computer. With the old computer, I successfully printed C and D size drawings.


Now, my plotter would not plot part of the text at the leading (lower left) portion of the drawing. The plotting of this portion of the drawing is very slow. The red error light ("data") starts blinking half through the plotting process. The rest of the drawing is fine.


Any advice?




V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA