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Re: virus protection

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Joseph Grill wrote:
I know this has probably been discussed before.  I just wasted a whole weekend with Norton.  First was ask by them to uninstall all Norton products then reinstall.  Two days of waiting on the telephone for tech help and never could reinstall the software.  The final answer was to return my money for the online download and be told to go buy the CD from the store.  I'm not quite sure what to do at this point.  Go buy the CD or use another protection software. 
I gave up on Norton several years ago, when I discovered how much CPU time their products take. Seems that, according to the testing lab for the PC mag that published the results, Norton's stuff uses up CPU cycles even when it isn't really doing anything.

I have since switched to the FOSS ClamWin, based on the ClamAV engine. I try to use (and even support with $) FOSS projects when it is feasible to do so.
The ClamAV virus signature database is among the most frequently updated, surpassing the reaction times of most all the commercial software products. I use the *NIX version on my Linux mail server at home, which captures all the cr*p before it ever goes to an "INBOX," and I use ClamWin for my laptop.
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