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Re: Defintion of Engineering

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Paul (and Paul)
That was good to read.
I feel better today and proud to be an engineer.
I am going to read it out to my wife.
I am sure she will respond with another equally well written "Definition of a housewife", or "Definition of a Mother".
PS : A good number from this list responded privately to my queries on sources for non music MP3 files.
I believe I have replied individually to each of them and thanked them.
If you have mailed me privately and not received my response, please send me your mail again.
I just realized Gary had asked "What is Carnatic Classical Music"
Sorry Gary for this late resopnse.
In Brief:
Carnatic Music is an age old Classical Music tradition in South India,
Sometimes it is spelt as Karnatic Music.
It is rich in melody.
Some compositions are in  Sanskrit but the most popular are in the south Indian regional languages like Telugu,Tamil and Kannada and the texts of the compositions are mostly devotional, in praise of some God in the Hindu Pantheon.
It includes both vocal and instrumental music and is performed on the concert platform.
Typical performances last about three hours and the vocal singer holds center stage and is accompanied by a violinist.
Additional support is provided by a  skilled percussionist using instruments like the "Mridangam" ( a horizontal drum)and sometimes in addition, a Ghatam (a simple earthern pot on whose surface the percussionist taps with his fingers)
A stringed drone instrument called Tambura is played in the background which helps set a frame of reference and fixes the scale for the duration of the concert.
Carnatic Classical music co-exists in India with North Indian Hindusthani Classical Music.
There are similarities to  North Indian Hindusthani Classical Music but there are plenty of differences too.
Google will yield plenty of additional information on this and free samples (both vocal and instrumental)can be downloaded for those interested.
It needs serious listening and a taste for this kind of music needs to be cultivated.
It takes years of hard work, discipline and learning under a "Guru" to become proficient in Indian Classical Music.
It is not for the casual music listener and certainly not for the masses.

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