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RE: Hurricane Ties and Light Gauge Steel Framing

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There is a similar requirement in FL for over-the-counter framing connectors to have statewide approval. There are exceptions however for application specific connectors designed by the engineer which come with their own sealed engineering. This sounds like what you describe.


Now if the architect requires tested and approved connectors then it sounds like you need to have a conversation with them if you are determined to design the connections yourself.  In my experience most architects begin with a specification template that specifies conventional solutions.


I also prefer over-the-counter connectors but in the past I have had to exercise my authority to provide job specific sealed engineering.


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From: Gautam Manandhar [mailto:Gautam_Manandhar(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: Hurricane Ties and Light Gauge Steel Framing




If you can prove that your custom made clips are adequate, I don’t see how a jurisdiction can disapprove your design.  Of course, off the shelf clips will probably be cheaper.




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Subject: Hurricane Ties and Light Gauge Steel Framing


Hello Everybody!


We are designing Light Gauge Steel structures for California. I am confused about using Hurricane ties for and anchors as Architect says I can specify only that are approved in the jurisdiction for the design.

Back home here in Canada, we use our custom made clip angles and other sort of tie-downs for which our engineers seal the drawing for the approval from Municipality.

Has anybody got an idea on this? Are there some connectors parallel to simpson which we use  for wood structures?




Ramesh Savaliya, P. Eng.


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