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RE: Silage

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The EP 538 would be what you need. I don't have a copy, but you must also keep in mind that the silage will be compacted as it is placed in lifts. Generally a tractor just runs over it to compress it in lifts. So there will be a surcharge by the equipment.

It has been many years (about 1964 and 1965), but I have chopped and placed silage in my ancient past. Once in place, compacted silage can be excavated to a stable vertical face. It also generates a lot of internal heat.

Harold Sprague

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers publishes a book of standards that covers these types of things.

Looks like the following standards would be of some interest:

EP433 Loads Exerted by Free-Flowing Grain on Bins

EP538 Design Loads for Bunker (Horizontal) Silos (covers loads from whole plants, I think this would be silage)

EP545 Loads Exerted by Free-Flowing Grain on Shallow Storage Structures

D252.1 Tower Silos: Unit Weight of Silage and Silo Capacities

Note the above list is may not be exhaustive, just a quick look.


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Subject: Silage

I have been asked to design a divider wall in a horizontal silo.  Any
ideas as to the lateral pressure from corn or hay silage?  The height of
the wall is 18'.  The length of the wall is 100 feet.

Gary Loomis, PE
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