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Re: W21x55

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I am not from AISC, but I presume the reason for this is that the shapes are grouped by flange width and the W21x55 has a wider flange than the W21x50 and W21x55.  You will notice the same thing happens with the W6x16 and W6x15.

By the way, I have been told by fabricators that the W21x55 is a Canadian shape and is not readily available in the southeastern U.S. so we avoid specifying this shape.  However, it must be a very economical shape because our design software continually selects it for use.

Adam Vakiener
Southern A&E
Austell, GA

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I was  left wondering why every one is asking for properties of W21x55 and looking all over the wrong places.
 The first place I would look is the Aisc 13th edition.
 Seek and ye shall find.
 I sought.
 I found.
Its listed on page 1-18 I would now like to guess the reason for this frantic search.
 I suppose some of you are still using the ninth edition.
 It's not listed there.
 I sought.
 I did not find.
Even in the 13th edition it is listed slightly out of sequence. The list starts at the bottom with the lightest at W21x44, followed by W21x50 and then W21x57
 That may cause a casual reader to conclude that W21x55 is not listed.
 But wait.
 Seek some more.
 Look further up the page.
 The next one is W21x48 and then ?
 Eureka!!! W21x55 !!!
For every other W shape the properties are listed with the lightest at the bottom of the list and progressing to heavier sections as you move your finger up the page.
 I wonder why W21 is listed differently.
I hope it is not another Typo.
 Will some one from Aisc please check this out and offer an explanation if any?

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