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RE: Truss-MWFRS or C & C

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In ASCE7 the simplified method doesn't clearly delineate between when to use C&C and MWFRS provisions, but a section of the analytical procedure indicates that C&C elements with tributary areas greater than 700 sq. ft. can be designed using the MWFRS provisions.  I don't know if that section technically applies to the simplified method, but it would make sense to me that if there is sufficient tributary area the MWFRS provisions would apply.
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One utility I can see is where you want to use the reactions to design the MWFRS.

Ramesh Savaliya wrote:
I always design trusses for C & C loading.  In which situation it should be designed for MWFRS load?
Aegis software have selection for both.
Ramesh Savaliya, P. Eng.

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